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​Wendy Feliz is a freelance translator, transcriber, writer and educator of the Spanish language, who specializes in literary and technical translations.  

Born in the Dominican Republic she moved to New York City at an early age, bringing in her suitcase not only her belongings but also a desire for cultures and literature.  


She is well versed in both Spanish and English languages, with a mastery level of both languages, which makes possible the smooth translation of works from one language to the other. She is also well traveled through Latin America and Europe aiding in the awareness of the culture, politics and history.


During her work in technical translations she focuses in constructing a smooth bridge from one language to another, ensuring the delivery of the exact message the client is trying to send keeping in mind culture and colloquialisms. 


In her literary translations she places great care on the dialectology, the words, the sounds and expressions of the written word, but especially in staying true to the essence and voice of the writer.


Wendy has worked on technical translations for various companies, has provided her services for non-profit organizations, and has worked on the translations of literary works for writers and poets as well as transcriptions for literary works in progress. Some clients have included: The COVE, Jenny Cruz Wellness Coach, Casa Verde Camila, New York League of Puerto Rican Women, Hortensia Gonzales Gomez MA. (writer), Cristina García (PHD) Hispanic Linguistics, and PHD.Sandro Sessarego (The University of Austin in Texas). 


Wendy obtained her B.A in Latin American Literature and Linguistics at The Ohio State University, where she developed her skills in Hispanic Linguistics with dialectology, language in contact and sociolinguistics.  She also obtained an M.A in Latin American Literature and Culture from St. John’s University in New York City studying literary works since pre-Columbian times to the 20th century. 


She is a citizen of the world who looks to bring down the barricades of language and cultures through the word and the pen, the most powerful weapons the world has ever had.








English to Spanish 

Spanish to English



St. John’s University

M.A. in Literature & Culture



The Ohio State University

B.A. in Latin American Literature & Linguistics


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